Feeling unloved doesn’t make it the reality.
Most of the time people need shown how to love you.
You are you. Not them.
Stop expecting that they should just know.
Show them how.
By caring for yourself.
Do you know how to love you?
If not, learn together.
And when you or another tries to show you love.
Celebrate it.
Write it down even.
Even if it didn’t hit.
Encourage the practice.
Don’t expect anyone to nail it the first time.
If there is one thing worth trying, failing, and trying again
its love.
Keep practicing.
You’ll start feeling loved along the way.

One thought on “model

  1. Chelsea says:

    I like the stuff you write. Sometimes I think the inspirational and motivated kind of person you are is what I’d be more like too, if I weren’t depressed. Then again, I’m probably being egotistical thinking that.
    Keep writing! 🙂

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