You won’t always get what you want.
I know it’s not news.
Yet somehow the experience still burns
When things don’t go to plan.
When expectations aren’t met.
It’s then that you meet that emotion;
What do you do with it?
Let it boil you over?
Let it shut you down?
Let it chase you away?
Stop tying so hard to avoid disappointment.
You don’t need to fight or freeze or flee.
Hear its invitation
To understand.
To let go.
To move forward.
It’s a teacher if you’ll let it be.
Hear its voice asking you
How might you move forwardly differently?

One thought on “invitation

  1. Chelsea says:

    OK I hope I’m not starting to seem stalkerish now but srsly everything you write about resonates. Ask James what I’m like with disappointment, it’s not pretty :p thanks for a much needed reminder!

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