i know you want the fear to go away
but some fears will stay with you
some fears are programmed in
tracks stuck on repeat
only the volume seems to change

i know you’ve tasted the spoiled fruit
the self-fulfilling prophecies
fear of being rejected leading to rejection
fear of being insignificant leading to insignificance
fear of failure leading to identifying as a failure

you know what it takes
you’ve heard that quiet voice
whispering another possibility
planting tiny seeds of hope

don’t overcomplicate the struggle
accept fear’s presence
its there, it will be there
and that’s okay

stop feeding it
letting it call the shots
letting it tell the story
letting it live your life

instead feel its push
sense the direction its opposing
and choose to go there

as you do, remember to breathe
let each breath remind you
the world is full of grace


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