You will die.
At some point this existence will come to an end.
Your worry won’t change that.
It’s not a problem to be solved.
It’s the reality to be accepted.
The acceptance doesn’t come easy.
You’ve made this fear your friend.
Taken it to your most sacred spaces.
It stayed up with you as a child.
It has stuck with you longer than any friend.
But it poisons you and you know it.
You won’t shake this fear off with well aimed words alone.
You must befriend trust.
Make a home together.
Let it work its way into your depths.
Until you start to trust.
Trust that good is permanent.
Trust that somehow love is at the centre of it all.
Trust will lead you in the ways of grace.
Teach you the wisdom of acceptance
Show you how to float in sea of mystery.
Your old friend will still come around.
But now you won’t be alone with him.

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