You were misunderstood again
And again you misunderstood.
The pain is violent
And blinding
And crippling.
The separation like blades tearing open flesh.
Someone missed you again.
You tried so hard. You tried with everything that you have.
But they missed you.
How many billions of worlds exist on the outside?
How many minds move through time alongside yours?
Every consciousness on this earth presents an individual perspective.
Yours is the only world you have to live in
And nobody can ever truly enter
Just as you cannot pass the boundary into another’s.
But –
You can peer in
Catch a glimpse
A glitter
A shimmer of the place where others carve their existence.
You’ll never fully embody it
Never fully fit in it
And someone will always miss you.
But you’re not wrong
And your world is not a mistake.
You’re not false or fake or insignificant.
You’re not alien or unworthy or valueless.
You are just different
And you matter
And you have something to give
Just like everyone else.

[this is a guest post from Chelsea Putt. if you would like to share your letter to yourself with the rest of us send me an email].


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