You are disappointed
Its understandable
Things didn’t go the way you hoped
It’s easy to lose hope
To let the darkness take you under
But before it consumes all of you
Consider the possibility that it is a gift
What if hopelessness is what you need
Hopelessness invites change
It offers reexamination
It calls for a new approach
It asks for new understanding
Don’t let hopelessness run wild
Hear its words
Let them refine you
But don’t sing its songs
Now is not the time for self-pity
Now is the time for action
Now is the time for change
Discover a deeper hope
A lasting hope
Work towards it
With the trust that its not all up to you
With the faith that things will be put right
With the grace that sees people
Not as their beliefs
Not as their ideas
But as people
Remember the goal is love
The method is love
So its worth learning
And now is a great time to start

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