you don’t have to understand it all
they all might understand more
they might look down on you
you might feel the void
of intelligence
of worth
of having anything to contribute
it might carve you out
but when you step
into that empty space
you will find the ground of your being
is loved
and that being you matters
with your limitations
make room for them in picture of you
but don’t give them steal the scene
live in the grace filled tension
of strength and weakness
then maybe
you will stop trying to hide your ignorance
puffing up your words
tuning your tone
to shut down suspicion
to look like them
to look like someone else
you will be free to ask
to see
to learn
even if it doesn’t stick
you will have allowed yourself to be curious
tend to this work
be curious
find out how to be you
help others to be them
be gracious
we’re all still learning

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