you are connected
more than you’d like to admit
i know you are afraid
of the impact you have
on every person you share this precious air with
i know you sense
that the fear under your skin
has a way of getting out
it speaks an unspoken language
it builds walls between you and others
it bans the encounter with difference
it refuses entry to someone’s need
i know you are looking for yourself
you want desperately to be whole
you think that others get in your way
that they prevent you from being who you want to be
yet when your fear tire itself into a short slumber
you are strangely aware
that self-discovery is not the journey of an isolated individual
that we discover who we are
in the sharing of depths and heights
that when you make space for the other
you make space for yourself
i know you are afraid
muster up just a little courage
to believe that we find life together
in our differences
stir up just a little conviction
to find one small way
you can make space for someone else today

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