Somethings you will only admit
In whispers
Like how terrified you are of
Even in the eyes of a stranger
You search
For a glimmer of acceptance or
For traces of disdain
All those books have yet to convince you
That you have worth
Just as you are
They have yet to shield you from the passing glance
They have yet to stop the blood rushing out of your face
When you catch a wiff of dismay in the air
You still trust your fear
It taught you to anticipate being discarded
It taught you to watch your life
Like a horror film
Waiting for the villain to emerge
Sitting on the edge of your seat
Your fear trained your mind
To spot any possibility of rejection
And so it finds them
You realize that every situation is riddled with them
So you withdraw
You remove the possibility
You remove the people
You hide
And so you taste the consequence
The fruit of rejection
The isolation
The loneliness
The prophecy is fulfilled
You reject yourself
So they don’t have to
Its time to retrain your mind
Its time to give it a new mission
Its time to ask a new question
Start small
Don’t over think it
Ask it every morning
Every evening write down your response
What are you looking for?
Because you will find it

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